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Gold membership is a 12-month mastermind of only 25 stalwarts that get access to a custom plan, monthly coaching, live retreat, accountability, and in-depth support to achieve true “Freedom”.

Makemytrend Freedom Council


1. 🏆 Journey of Paurik to Pro Trader and Investor

2. 🔥Tulsi is Perfectly on Track

3. 💣 Whom to trust in Stock Market | How to start investing? - Raffiedheen

4. 💰 Where to Exit a Trade? | Student Testimonial - Naresh, Mysore

5. 🏆 Journey of Nitin to Pro Trader and Investo

6. 🏫 Feroz Kumar Sharing his Classroom Experience

7. 🏆 Student Testimonial - Soumyaranjan, Cuttack (Odisha)

8. ✌️ GoToStock Trading Champ | Abhirup

9. ✨ Pavan sharing power of Practice & Repetitive action

10. Software Engineer Senthilkumar Anbu - Makemytrend Champion | Rising Star

11. 😂 Yogesh discussing power of environment

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