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Top 5 Ways to Manage Risk in Stock Market

Do you Know?
The 90-90-90 Rule which says that, 90% of the New Traders lose their 90% of the capital in first 90 days itself. If we save novice traders to lose their 90% of their capital. Then, we can save lot of money worldwide. This can be achieved only and only through Risk Management.
If Risk Management is understood and applied properly. Stock Market can be one of the best Business in this World.
In This Podcast, I am going to discuss about Top 5 Ways to Manage Risk in Stock Market.


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 Hi, I’m Tappy, an Independent Stock Trader & Investor. I’m on a mission to reform the trading system by building a new breed of Stock Traders and Investors. I want to inspire India to be the Trading and Investment Hub of the World. I train students about the mistakes which I had made during my initial years and mentor / coach them with the help of technical analysis so as to cut short their journey.

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  1. Trader, who has to be have below to earn profit,
    1. Be in the trend
    2. Catch the momentum
    3. Be safe with volatility
    4. Keep eyes on volumn

  2. Good Evening,
    First we have to learn & Trade , then we can earn from trade
    Second one is we; have ;to follow entry point ; and exit point
    we should follow 90 -90 rule
    we should maintain ;stop loss

  3. #MFHY
    This 5 risk management rule added to basic principles to my trading carrier
    1.plan the trade and trade the plan – plan need to be analysed ( both entry and exit of any index/stocks) in evening itself and this analysis needs to be executed in trading session. This has to be completed every day like a robot.
    2.consider 1 % rule – this rule learns how the trader will plan position sizing and also will help to create good healthy peptofolio.
    3.set stoploss and profit- this rule learns how the trader is following the system irrespective of market movement and try to remove the fear and greedy of trader.
    4.calculated amount of profit – this rule learns about to know value of stocks and to help to catch the up/down momentun.
    5.buying the pe option – this rule helps that to protect the maximum loss and it acts as a insurance of any stocks just like our lic policy taken for ourselves. Overall these 5 basic rules of risks management makes the good trader in long trading carrier. Thanks again for ur coaching Tapas

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